• A second site announced

    It has been some time now since we last updated the page.  Whilst we are still looking for a new site an opportunity came up for…

  • The search begins for a new site.  Over the intervening years many sites have been considered, but the hunt is on for somewhere that will give good access, good visibility and room for the business to grow and develop, ensuring that it is close enough to the existing site to maintain our customer base.

  • After much delay and technical issues, the application is unanimously approved by Kettering Borough Council’s planning committee in April, on the basis that the area is now more suited to residential development that commercial use, and mainly to see the business continue to grow and flourish.

  • A second application is submitted, this time including the nursery land to the rear of the site, bringing the total of houses applied for to 69.

  • Consent is granted in March for these 30 houses.

  • A Planning Application is submitted to the Council for consent to build 30 houses on the existing Garden Centre Site.  This is the culmination of 18 months of work with planners, ecologists, transport consultants and the local councils.

  • Ian Bosworth brings his Home Brewing business to the Garden Centre site, Copper Kettle Home Brewing, selling accessories for the home brewing market.

  • The Garden Centre is now fully using all of the available space.  The coffee shop is approaching capacity, the car park is regularly full.  It is time to begin looking at relocation again.

  • John Bosworth is tragically diagnosed with cancer in August and passes away just before Christmas.